Annual Roofing Inspections Save Money

Hail Damage

Roof damage caused by hail storms is one of the most common problems Houston home and business owners are forced to address on a yearly basis. Hail can erode the protective mineral granules of some types of shingles exposing them to the elements.  Replacing these shingles before they begin to crack, and the repairing roof damage will prevent the potential for roof leaks and a more extensive and expensive repair.

The Sooner The Better

The sooner a roof is inspected after a hail storm, the more likely you are to avoid more significant leak problems down the road. Our Houston roofing restoration experts will conduct a no obligation free roofing inspection after a hail storm and determine whether or not your roof has damage and if so, what repairs are needed. At the very least your roof should be inspected annually.

Insurance Claims Specialist

Free Roofing InspectionAny damage or signs of wear on a roof requires immediate roof inspection and repair to avoid long-term problems.  Even minor issues, such as a missing shingle, can cause rot and water damage that can result in hundreds of dollars in roof repair costs. Our roofing restoration Houston experts will inspect what needs to be repaired and provide an honest estimate of the cost of repair needs.  Often, roofs are in excellent condition and only require small repairs or maintenance to prolong the roof’s lifespan. We can complete a typical asphalt shingle repair in one day.  We handle emergency roof repairs on a case-by-case basis;  all estimates will include an approximate timeline for fixing the problem.

Sale Roofing Inspections and Repairs

We complete roofing repairs required by a realtor (when selling or buying a home) promptly. Our team will provide a written description of the work performed for both the seller and buyer.

Tornado Damage

The strong winds and flying debris caused by powerful thunderstorms and tornadoes can cause significant damage to even the highest quality roof.  Tornado damage to a roof can include missing shingles, hanging gutters, and large, gaping holes.  If your roof experiences tornado or other storm damage, contact Texas Metal Roof Contractors (TMRC) for an immediate assessment of your roof damage and an estimate for your insurance claim. Our Licensed adjusters will make sure you claim is processed quickly and fairly.

TMRC offers no obligation, free roofing inspections, and estimates for hail damage repair